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  • Dianne Nowicki

Caricatures at a wedding!

I drew at the Stebbins' wedding on 3-13-19

Marvelous people, they booked me at my day rate and i drew their family and friends during the most magical day. Their ceremony was held at Bentley projects warehouse 215 and the interior of the converted warehouse was simply stunning.

Christina's cake table was truly tempting, overflowing with from-scratch treats and the most beautiful wedding cake I've seen!

After the ceremony, Christina and Jason led the team to found:re a chic art hotel a couple miles north of Bentley projects.

Inside was so busy! But they had secured a large party room with a dj, and even more tasty food (that they shared with me!) i got to draw the family, and a few other guests that came over.

Everyone was simply delightful, and it was such an honor to celebrate with this generous, loving family.

Here are a few photos i took


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